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sony psp playstation portable emulator romsAt this year E3 exhibition in CA USA Sony has finally unveiled it final design and specifications of the new handheld PlayStation Portable called Sony PSP.
Online resources: PlayStationPortable.com - PSP news, release dates and specifications. SonyPSP.us - information about Sony PSP hardware and possibilities of importing the handheld from Japan before its 2005 release in USA. PSP is scheduled to be released in Japan at the fourth quarter of 2004.

Sony PSP can now play PlayStation 1 Games on PSP if they are converted to EBOOT form and placed in PSP/GAMES folder on the memory stick.

Preview PSP Games : Screenshots

There is impressive lineup of games to support the launch of the new handheld. They include Gran Turismo 4, Spiderman 2, WipeOut, Medievil, Syphon Filter, new PSP Ridge Racer game and many more exciting new games. Read more about upcoming Sony PSP games and view screenshots and video footage at PSP-Games.us

Sony has developed an official PlayStation Portable Emulator that is available to the developers. Apparently it runs on PC and can be used for testing games and applications without the need to burn them to UMD's. Source: PSP-Emulator.com

Sony PlayStation Portable Emulator - PSP roms

Sony has confirmed that PSP Slim & Lite will also feature 333 Mhz processor 32MB or RAM and 4MB video memory. In addition to that Memory Stick slot, Wi-Fi support and USB v2.0. Knowing this we are more that sure that it will not take long for emulators of other console games (game roms) for the PSP to appear. We are especially anxious to see and download GBA roms emulator for PSP, MAME game emu for PSP and hopefully PSX (PS One) emulator running on PSP. Source: PSPEmulators.com . As evidence that PSX emulation on Sony PlayStation Portable should be possible is the fact that there is PlayStation emulator for PocketPC!

To protect the content, a robust copyright protection system has been developed which utilizes a combination of a unique disc ID, a 128 bit AES encryption keys for the media, and individual ID for each PSP hardware unit. That's where PSP Mod-Chips come into play. To unlock region lock you will have to add a modifications chip to the psp similar to the PSX and PS2 mod chips available today. It will be challenging for ModChip manufactures to come up with a chip design that could fit inside the PSP. As an alternative - an external mod-chip could be introduced taking advantage of the USB or MemoryStick slot. Sort of plug and play mods: PspModChip.com

Sony's handheld PSP gaming hardware will use Universal Media Discs, which can store up to 1.8GB of media such as Games, Music, Video or any other software or data that can be used on PSP. Backuping UMD images to PC and creating psp roms of the commercial games will be somewhat of a challenge as Sony has no intention of releasing UMD readers/writers for general public. Another limiting factor is the size of PSP UMD discs 1.8 Gigabyte - that's go to be had to download over the net. What we could be looking forward to ar 3rd party made free psp roms containing game demos or small games that were made by unlicensed psp developers. source: PSProms.com



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